Wednesday, April 29, 2009

How to start a group buying campaign

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Actually, the procedure is very easy and done in four simple steps.

1. Define your Unit Price according to the quantity of your product you can offer

For example:

Number of buyers /Unit Price

a) 1-19/209$

b) 20-39/199$

c) 40-59/189$

d) 60-79/179$

e) 80-100/169$

Maximum quantity you can sell is 100.

2. Post several product offers on

For example, you will post 5 offers, like:

a) Total Quantity 19/ Unit Price: 209$

b) Total Quantity 39/ Unit Price: 199$

c) Total Quantity 59/ Unit Price: 189$

d) Total Quantity 79/ Unit Price: 179$

e) Total Quantity 100/ Unit Price: 169$

3. At the end of the day, all our buyer's members will receive E-mail alerts indicating your offers.

4. At the end of the lifetime products, you will see in your member's area the total quantity requested by the buyers.

One tip: Even if you already have your own clients, we suggest you to let them know about this marketplace.

=Why? As the registration is free for buyers, they will add their demand to the existing ones. Thus the more they will be, the better Unit Price they will get, the more quantity you will sell! So at the end of everything, everyone has a piece of share.

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